The Academy - A Kyrios ArcheAge Guild
There comes a time when you need to step back and look around you. You realize that there are players struggling in the footsteps of those confident veterans who blaze the trails through beta into live release.  Their coalitions are filled with expectations these weary souls cannot even comprehend, much less fulfill.  Angry and impatient, they march away, scattering these newbies to the wind in their wake.

The Academy stops for these, the castoffs, the new, the unknowing, the inexperienced.  We are here to bring you into your own in this world of MMO veterans.  We pause in our long journey to gently pick you up, dust you off, and gently inquire as to your destination, and support you on your way.

Join us to learn. Join us to teach. Join us in our quest to become the island of refuge amidst the chaos of past experience.

Join The Academy!  If you are interested, please either call out in faction chat for an officer or contact one of the following: GordonElereneCoventina, etcetc obviously this would be a real list.

We host our discussions and site content on Facebook so feel free to come visit us there!
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